EN (US) Low Price Guarantee

Giving you a low price - it just makes sense.


We know what it's like to plan a ferry trip to that dream destination - scanning websites for a little comparison-shopping, doing the math over and over again - and all that without breaking the bank. Let us help you score the cheapest ferry deals! offers a Low Price Guarantee, where if, by chance, prior to your booking on, you find a better rate for an equivalent offer on your ferry travel through another website, just let us know and we'll try to match the prices of the other website.

It's that simple!

Here's all of the information that you need to know about our Low Price Guarantee:


  • When comparing rates between and other websites, if you find a lower rate than what is offered on, simply email us at or call ferryconnection Customer Support at +30 2810 234 600.
  • The Low Price Guarantee is available only if the lower priced offer on another website matches exactly each and every element present in the itinerary you would like to book with us, such as the specific ferry company or provider (including same accommodation class and conditions of sale), as well as the exact same dates and times of travel or service, the same ship, and number of guests and/or vehicles. The comparison must be with the same product stand-alone through another website. The lower rate must meet the Terms and Conditions to qualify for the Low Price Guarantee.
  • Provide the ferryconnection Customer Support representative with the itinerary that you would like to book on, and the exact URL where you found it. (ferryconnection Customer Support must able to validate availability of the lower priced offer online for your same itinerary. The Low Price Guarantee does not apply to any package components other than the ferry rates.)
  • Once the ferryconnection Customer Support representative verifies that the information provided meets the requirements of the Low Price Guarantee, will attempt to match that lower ferry rate.
  • Remember, you must contact us prior to your booking, so if you have a valid lower price for your itinerary, don't wait - call us or send us an email!