Traveling on a ferry with a pet, a group, or a camper or caravan? Don't worry, we have a guide below to help you!

New to Ferries

New to Traveling with Ferries?

Get all the details you need if you're traveling with your pet, a special group or on a camping on board service. For travel tips and resources, here's your guide for pulling off a perfect getaway on a ferry.

A few things to know before you start planning

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Traveling with Pets on a Ferry

Short, tall, big or small - regardless what size your pet may be, traveling with your furry little one can make your ferry crossing even more special. Pets are allowed on board pet kennels, subject to the carrier's individual restrictions. Ferry companies limit the number and size of pets allowed to travel on board a ferry.

Small pets may also be carried in a specially designated pet cabin, subject to the availability and restrictions of our individual ferry partners. Traveling outside of the busiest times increases your chances of finding available pet kennels and specially designated pet cabins. Direct ferry services also allow you and your pet to avoid the inconvenience of layovers, switching ferries and longer travel times.

Give yourself some extra time to check-in when traveling with a pet. This will allow you plenty of time to reserve a pet kennel if available and review the necessary paperwork to ensure boarding for your pet. More complete information may be obtained from our corresponding ferry company pages on our website. cannot guarantee that you will be able to travel with your pet in a pet kennel. If the ferry company cannot accommodate your pet, ferryconnection cannot provide refunds on booked ferry tickets. Additional restrictions apply to pets traveling internationally.

Why is a Pet Passport Important?

If you're traveling with your pet, a Pet Passport must be presented for inspection at check-in. A Pet Passport is a document that officially records all required and vital information about your pet, such as its health and inoculation records, in one place.

The pet must have a valid anti-rabies vaccination on the day of the travel. Please note that the anti-rabies vaccination is repeated every year. When traveling abroad to some countries, additional restrictions may apply. Please check with your pet's veterinarian for more details.

Traveling Tips for Pets on Ferries

Whether you're traveling with a dog, cat or other beloved pet on a ferry, check out the tips below to help you create a pleasant trip for you and your pet:

  • Talk to your pet's veterinarian about your travel plans. Have your veterinarian examine your pet before your trip to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to travel.
  • Have an up-to-date vaccination record. Ask your veterinarian on what shots your pet needs before your ferry travel. You should also check to ensure your pet is in compliance on vaccines with foreign health regulations.
  • Your veterinarian can also issue a Pet Passport for your pet, which is required to comply with regulations from your departure country and destination. Your veterinarian can also offer suggestions on how to best keep your pet relaxed and comfortable during travel.
  • Make sure your pet is properly identified with up-to-date information. Your pet's ID tag for your pet's collar should present your pet's name, your name, home address and telephone number. Having a microchip implanted on your pet is also a smart way to ensure your pet can be identified and returned in case you and your pet become separated.
  • Pack your pet's favorite toys so that he or she will have something familiar to play with during the ferry trip.
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Group Travel on a Ferry

Corporate meetings, school groups, summer vacations: Group travel on a ferry covers a lot of ground. Need a few ideas for your next group getaway on a ferry? If you're traveling with 16 or more people, please send an email to or contact our Customer Support Team at + 30 2810 234 600.

To better assist you with your group travel needs, please provide the name of the person to be contacted, a preferred telephone number, the number of passengers and vehicles, travel dates, as well as a departure and destination port.

We will send you a quote within 5 business days with specific information about group travel on ferryconnection. You can rest assured we've got you covered and will go the extra mile to provide the best group fares and exceptional experience you've come to expect from us.

Submitting your request whether through email or phone does not reserve space or guarantee availability or discounted fares. If you have any questions about a group you have already booked, please provide us with your Booking Reference Number or Company Reference Number when you contact us.

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Camping on Board Service

Book your tickets now for the Camping on Board Service with our ferry partners, and enjoy full access to all onboard services and public areas. Travel in the comfort of your own camper or caravan from Italy to Greece or Albania and vice versa with the following ferry companies on

Learn more about the Camping on Board Service ferry routes in 2018 on the corresponding ferry company pages of our website and choose your favorite ferry route. Check out the current ferry schedule of all routes, the latest prices and special offers and book your Camping on Board Service tickets online via low prices, no booking fees and personal customer support.

Camping on Board Service Ferry Routes

Enjoy even more savings when you book your camper or caravan on a ferry from Italy to Greece and between Italy and Albania. And take advantage of the features and amenities available on the Camping on Board Service with each of our ferry partners. The Camping on Board Service is available on the following routes via

  • Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
  • Bari - Durres - Bari
  • Bari - Igoumenitsa - Patras - Igoumenitsa - Bari
  • Venice - Igoumenitsa - Patras - Igoumenitsa - Venice
  • Trieste - Igoumenitsa - Patras - Igoumenitsa - Trieste