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Erturk Lines

Erturk Lines offers the most frequent connections between Turkey and Greece and some of the best onboard facilities and services. With the travel time being just 45 minutes each way between Chios and Cesme, Erturk Lines offers an enjoyable and comfortable ferry crossing to remember.

Book Erturk Lines ferry tickets online from Chios to Cesme and vice versa with as we provide great prices and special offers!

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Find Your Erturk Lines Ferry Route

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Erturk Lines Onboard Services

From modern lounges to a wide range of indoor and outdoor seating on most ferries, you’ll travel in comfort and style with Erturk Lines ferries. The staff and crew on board will aim to make your ferry crossing a special one from Chios to Cesme and back.

And that’s just the beginning - you can also enjoy a host of delicious entrees at the small buffet onboard conventional Erturk Lines ferries. Only a cold water vending machine is available on the ferry H/S/C Erturk. For purchases on board Erturk Lines, the accepted form of payment is Euro and Turkish Liras. Please note that credit cards are not accepted on board. Passenger fares on Erturk Lines ferries to Cesme port and back are not inclusive of Turkish port taxes that are paid at the departure port upon check-in.

Taking your Pet on Erturk Lines?

Heading off with a dog, cat or ferret on Erturk Lines ferries from the port of Cesme in Turkey or to the port Chios in Greece? Erturk Lines gladly accepts dogs, cats or ferrets on all of its ferries at no extra charge.

Please review the following requirements for pet travel between Turkey and Greece - a member State of the European Union:

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets traveling from Greece to Turkey and back MUST be accompanied by an EU Pet Passport issued prior to your departure from Greece.
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets traveling one way to Greece from Turkey MUST be accompanied by a bilingual veterinary certificate completed and signed by a licensed veterinarian and printed on one sheet of paper.
  • At least 3 days prior to your departure, you must email a copy of your EU Pet Passport or bilingual health certificate and booking reference number to Erturk Lines ferries at and the Chios Veterinary Authority at
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets must be identified with a microchip compatible with ISO standard 11784 or 11785, or an equivalent microchip reader provided along with a pet.
  • A recent vaccination card must be presented specifying the application of rabies vaccine.
  • Rabbies vaccination should be given after a microchip has been implanted and at least 21 days prior to entry in Greece.
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets will not be allowed to board an Erturk Lines ferry if the Chios Customs Authority has not given clearance to Erturk Lines for pet travel.

When escorted by the pet owner, small pets are permitted to travel on open deck on Erturk Lines conventional ferries. Pet owners and guardians traveling with small pets on H/S/F Erturk Lines can stay with their pets in designated indoor public areas. Please keep in mind that pets on board must be held on a leash and be fitted with a muzzle. In some cases, it's recommended to travel with a pet kennel to carry your pet. Whether at port or at sea, passengers traveling on Erturk Lines ferries with pets must oversee their pet’s safety, feeding and cleaning.

Cars & Motorcycles on Erturk Lines 

Packing your bags and going with a car or jeep to Chios or Cesme port? Then choose the offer on vehicle type [IX1] to book a standard car on Erturk Lines ferries. If you’re traveling with a jeep, choose the offer on vehicle type [JEEP]. Planning a trip to Turkey or Greece with a motorcycle? Just select the offer on vehicle type [MO1] on your Erturk Lines reservation. Keep in mind that the ferry H/S/C Erturk is unable to transport cars, motorcycles or other vehicles. Vehicle fares to Cesme port and back are not inclusive of port taxes in Turkey that are paid at the departure port upon check-in.

Ready to Travel on Erturk Lines?

Travel from Cesme to Chios and back with Erturk Lines, as its ferries offer a comfortable and fast way to travel between Turkey and Greece while offering a wide range on onboard facilities. You can travel either as a foot passenger or take your vehicle with you.

Check out the current ferry schedule of Cesme and Chios port, the latest prices and special offers and book your Erturk Lines ferry tickets securely online via low prices, no booking fees and personal customer support.

Tips & Deals


Infants up to 4 years old only pay port taxes upon check-in


50% off for children between 4 - 12 years old

Discover more about Erturk Lines Ports

Erturk Lines offers comfortable and fast ferry connections between Chios in Greece and Cesme in Turkey.

List of Erturk Lines Ports

Take a look below at the overview of the Greek and Turkish ports Erturk Lines serves in 2018. Select a port to find the sailing frequency and travel times of popular routes.



Erturk Lines | 50% Child Discount

Infants up to 4 years old traveling with an adult on Erturk Lines only pay port taxes at check-in.

Here is what else you need to know:

  • Children 4 - 12 years old traveling with an adult receive a 50% discount on all accommodation types.
  • Child fares do not include port taxes in Turkey that are paid at check-in.

Erturk Lines | 35€ Round Trip for Cesme - Chios Ferries

Book a round trip under one reservation with Erturk Lines from Cesme - Chios and vice versa, and receive a discounted fare of 35€ for a passenger. The discounted fare is automatically applied on a reservation.

Here is what else you need to know:

  • Fares do not include port taxes in Turkey that are paid at check-in.

Erturk Lines | Free Bicycles

Bicycles travel for free on all Erturk Lines routes.

Erturk Lines | Group Travel

Whether you're traveling on Erturk Lines with a group of friends or planning a destination tour, we have everything you need to assist you with your group travel request. If you're traveling with 20 or more people, please send an email to or contact our Customer Support Team at + 30 2810 234 600, and provide the name of the person to be contacted, a preferred telephone number, the number of passengers and vehicles, travel dates, as well as a departure and destination port. Please note that submitting a Erturk Lines group request does reserve space or guarantee availability or discounted fares.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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